February 27, 2010

blog love

the blogging world still surprises me. the only place i've seen more awards given out is Hollywood. but i love to get gifts, so i won't complain.

back a few weeks, ago, Cher Green from Footsteps of a Writer gave me the sunshine award (sorry Cher for taking so long) and then, a couple of days ago, Donetta at A Life Uncommon gave me one too. guess it's time to post it. thanks Cher and Donetta.

also a few weeks ago, Shannon at Book Dreaming gave me this. thanks, Shannon.

i picked this up somewhere (forgive me for forgetting where). i think it was one of those "if you see this award, go ahead and take it" kind of things.

which leads me to say, i'm supposed to pass these on to X number of bloggers, but as i'm already behind, if you don't have one of these, feel free to take one so we can spread the blog love around.

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