January 26, 2009

random things about me

i keep getting tagged at facebook to participate in the 25 random things about me. so i'm posting it here just to say i did it (I'm such a rule follower). but i'm not going to tag anyone and i don't know if i'll come up with 25.

~~ i'm a grammar snob. i'm trying to undo that by *not* using capitals. i still can't make myself misspell things. too much pride i suppose.

~~ i rafted the Grand Canyon in 1999 and loved it. i want to go back and take my kids this time.

~~ i'm a self-published author and proud of it.

~~ i've been to Russia twice, all in the name of adopting my daughter.

~~ i used to speak Spanish and can hardly remember any of it now.

~~ i teased my husband about wanting an iPod and now i use it more than he does. i love it.

~~ i'm addicted to Facebook (hence being tagged).

~~ i wanted my own website back in 1996 when we first got AOL 2.o. now i have two websites (my blog and a real website).

~~ when i was growing up, we had a goat.

~~ i went to college in Oklahoma. i went to OBU for a degree in elementary education.

~~ i had at least eight boyfriends before i met my husband. what a flirt i was.

~~ my husband is now the love of my life. the other guys were losers. i almost married one of them. so glad i didn't.

~~ i love the beach and the forest. nothing like the smell of rotting seaweed and pine sap.

~~ i also love the smell of orange blossoms, but i'm glad i don't live in near an orange grove. that would be sensory overload.

~~ i write fantasy but love to read romance - contemporary, historical, bodice rippers, whatever.

~~ i've learned to enjoy reading books on my laptop. i check them out from a local digital library.

~~ i love rainbows and unicorns.

~~ i prefer cats to dogs, but we have 3 dogs and no cats. i have to get my cat fix from petting the neighbor's cat that sashays into our yard now and then.

~~ if i had a garden, i would grow flowers and herbs, but not veggies.

~~ i like playing Little Big Planet on the ps3 with my son. i also like playing Soul Caliber because i don't have to make my characters walk.

~~ songs get stuck in my head and won't leave. it drives me crazy.

i added more things in a newer post: more random things


Anonymous said...

Songs get stuck in my head but it doesn't drive me crazy.
I didn't know that you were a flirt at another time in life.
The goat thing...didn't know that.
I guess I didn't get to know my college roommates.

Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...

LOL!!!! Those are AWESOME!!!!! I love the beach to!!!!! And I didn't know you adopted your daughter. That's COOL!!! ^-^

Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---

(I love Facebook to;)