January 31, 2009

more random things

what the heck... i'll add a few more

~~ in highschool, i sang in two different choirs - the first was called Advanced Girls' choir (i think) and the second was called Concert Choir. our choir leader was Mr. Hankey (i'm not kidding).

~~ also while in highschool, i was in a play for our church called the Harrowing of Hell. i played one of the 7 deadly sins - envy. oh boy. my ex-boyfriend played Jesus. talk about weird.

~~ in a church musical for Easter, i played the disciple Peter's wife and had to sing a solo. scary.

~~ my maiden name - Engbretson - is Norwegian. i would love to visit. the closest i ever got to visiting was when i did a "travelogue" report on Norway for junior high geography.

~~ when i was writing Eldala, i dreamed of kissing my main character. my husband just thought it was funny.

~~ if i ever meet the character who plays my main character, Kieran, i'll totally freak out.

~~ as much as i love watching Good Eats with Alton Brown, i would never go to the lengths he does to cook from scratch. making my own ketchup or mayonnaise does not sound like fun. i'd rather use the time to play with my kids or write.

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