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i’m a homeschooling mom to three amazing children, wife to one amazing man, and indie fantasy author. in October 2011, we moved from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona to the mountains of Montana. the adapting has been interesting.

i love to write fantasy with romance woven in. (or maybe that's romance with fantasy woven in.) i published Eldala in 2007 and now the stories in my head won't stop. i finished the second draft of Eldala's sequel last year but the moving thing made me put it on hold. all i can say to those who are waiting (and to myself) is: it will be done when it’s done.

when i'm not writing, i love to read--to the point where i'll forget to eat. contrary to the writing advice out there, i don't read what i write (ie. fantasy) because i haven't found that many fantasy stories i like. my favorite stories are Christian historical romance, and my favorite authors are Mary Connealy, Siri Mitchell, and Karen Witemeyer. i'd be lying if i said i don't enjoy reading my own book. when i'm not reading, i'm playing around on facebook and/or obsessively checking my email. i still haven't given into Twitter and Google+.

i used to do scrapbooks and paper arts, but once the writing bug took hold, it turned into my obsession. i'm thinking about going back to it. thank goodness my daughter loves crafting or all of my paper art supplies would go to waste. maybe i'll take it up again in the future. when writing gets to be too much, i start to think i'd rather go back to scrapbooks.

i blog to encourage, not to build a platform or try to sell my book to hundreds (future blog post, i'm sure). i don't want an agent. i'm happy with self-publishing —lots of control and no deadlines. i don't use capitals on my blog because it's just easier. i'm not outgoing but do like to have meaningful one-on-one conversations. ask me over for tea and cookies and i'll listen to you for hours. if that won't work, send me an email.

sometimes i blog about writing, sometimes about life.

totally useless trivia:

§ i was once a nun. ----
ok, it was  local production of The Sound of Music and i was one of the nuns in the chorus.) after that, i couldn't watch The Sound of Music for years. the song "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" still rattles around in my head sometimes.

§ i went to Russia twice in the span of 3 weeks - once to see my lovely daughter in the orphanage, and once to go get her.

§ trying to read Russian makes my head hurt.

§ in 2000, my husband and i, and some of our family, rafted the Grand Canyon. i would love to go back sometime.

§ when i'm nervous and/or around new people, i make jokes.

§ if you've gotten this far, you may have started to think i like to talk about myself. i don't. i try to get people to talk about themselves.

§ i like to talk about my book even less, yet i want people to buy it. i'm weird. i know.

§ after living in the Phoenix area for almost 20 years, and living in the same house for 17 years, we moved to Butte, MT. currently we're in a rental house in town, but sometime next year, we'll move into a house we're having built 20 minutes outside of town. i'm going a little crazy.
§ not having written for months now is driving me crazier.

§ in my lifetime, i've owned hamsters, cats, dogs, chickens, and a goat. who knows what else i'll own in Montana. horses? cow? pig? snake?

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