March 2, 2015

Blog Blitz - Official Release Day for "Upon a Time"

Upon a Time is a beautifully written re-telling of the fairy tale Cinderella. February takes the familiar story and turns it on its ear with imperfect characters, intrigue, and unexpected twists in the plot.

after reading the Wattpad edition, Bru's version has now become one of my favorites (along with the movie "Ever After," and way before that, the 1965 Rodgers and Hammerstein version with Lesley Ann Warren that i watched every time it was on the tv.)

here's where you can purchase Upon a Time in paperback at Amazon or Barnes and Noble Online, or in e-versions at the Amazon Kindle Store  and the Nook store.

on March 3rd, i'll be putting up the answer to a question i asked February about the book. stay tuned.


dolorah said...

That was a sweet recommendation. Glad to see a post from you Michelle. Wishing Bru much success with this.

February Grace said...

Thank you so much, Michelle, for posting today, I am so sorry that the html got lost out there somewhere in cyberspace! It means so much to me to read your kind words about UPON A TIME, I am so glad that you enjoyed it.

Thank you for your continuing support, you are so dear and kind.


PS The print editions are out now too! :) Woo hoo! LOL

February Grace said...

Thank you so much, Dolorah!!! :)