April 21, 2014

it may be boring here, but life hasn't been boring at all

which is why i haven't blogged for a couple of months.

life has included ...

... dealing with our 3rd winter in Montana. (boy am i glad it's spring. i know a lot of other people around the country are too.)

...a trip to Arizona to see friends.

...surgery on my son's elbow because of an MMA injury a while back (he's ok, just needs some physical therapy).

...helping my boys do a series of short films with their friends.

...helping a friend edit a sequel to a book which will soon be published.

... writing!!! yes, i'm happily working on my own sequel, and because i'm having fun with it, the story is exploding in my head. i have to make myself stop writing so i can get other stuff done.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Enjoy the writing bug while it has bit!
I like winter, but I am glad this one is finally ending.
Good to hear from you, Michelle.

Margo Berendsen said...

That's the best kind of "I'm still alive" post - where you're too busy writing to blog. YAY!!!!

Donna Hole said...

Its cool you are writing with all that stuff going on. Wow, you have been busy.

Julie Luek said...

Sounds like you are diving into life-- as it should be!