July 27, 2012

it's ok

my life is chaotic right now, more so than usual. our house will be ready soon, but we don't know the exact date. i'm living with boxes around me again, but this time the space is smaller. i felt crowded when the boxes were in a bigger space. now i think i'm going to climb the walls. emotionally i'm all over the place. looks like medication is in order for a while, to get me so i'm not just bailing water, but climbing out of the boat.

in the meantime (and for any of you who have chaotic lives right now)...

it's ok to not blog. or even update.

it's ok to not visit blogs.

it's ok to visit blogs but not comment.

it's ok to waste time on pinterest and tumblr and facebook.

it's ok that i'm not sure where my life is going right now.

it's ok that i'm a little sad i had to take down the pictures that weren't really mine to post. (especially the ones of Adrian and Steven.) i know i'll get over it.

it's ok that i'm not writing right now. the book will be done when it's done.

it's ok to work on 5 different journals.

it's ok to not work on any of them.

it's ok to not get to the projects i'd hoped to work on.

it's ok that i'm not spending time with friends right now as much as i'd hoped to before moving outside of town.

it's ok to ask for help.

it's ok to reach out for an encouraging word. i've found them in the most unexpected places.

i hope you find one too.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

All of that can be all right if we just let it.
Really sorry you're still stuck surrounded by boxes.
And I've taken down a few images. Most of mine are book covers and movie posters though.

Annalisa Crawford said...

Great post, Michelle. It's hard to remember that all of those things are ok if that's what we need to do to get through a tricky/busy time.

I hope those boxes don't annoy you too much - just look forward to all the space you will have soon! :-)

Jane Davies said...

Ditto the above! When life gets chaotic, or turned upside down, it is certainly OK to do or not do a whole list of things! Thanks for the reminder.