June 21, 2012

playing with color

one of the fun things (?) about building a new house is starting from scratch on color design. my last house had white walls because during the 17 years we lived there, we didn't get around to painting anything. just never happened. it wasn't until we had to sell it that we added color. sigh.

not this time.

today we'll pick out the color for our counter tops, and hopefully carpet and tile as well. it feels like a major decision because it will set the tone for the rest of the house. at the same time, i'm thinking about color schemes. thankfully, i have a dear friend in Texas who is an interior designer and she's going to come visit after we get settled. i'm glad i'm going to have help with it this time. she told me to start thinking about color combinations i like.

that set me to looking at color palettes on pinterest (my new fav way to waste time - er, i mean collect pictures for inspiration). anyway, i didn't find any palette combinations i liked. then i found a blog post somewhere about going into your picture files to find color combos you like and then pixelate them to get the main color scheme. what a great idea.

so i tried it. and here are some of the combos i came up with. i really like the first 5. the others are kind of iffy, but they give me ideas. i like that i can't see the original picture, just the colors.

i also took a picture of the artificially colored daisy bouquet i bought the other day because i like the colors in that too.


KarenG said...

Very nice. Colors taken from your daisy bouquet would be lovely, bright and cheerful.

Annalisa Crawford said...

What a cool idea - I love those pixilated colours. I have no problem coming up with bright colours - I've got a red bathroom, green kitchen, orange living room and a yellow dining room. Hmm, when I list it out like that, perhaps I have too many colours...

Margo Berendsen said...

shades of yellow and brown with a touch of blue or green as highlights - from your color palettes that's what I'm recommending! (actually, that sounds really good to me, too... we have all cream walls and I'm brainstorming trying at least one wall with a new bright color)