May 16, 2012

oh the irony

do any of you remember when a scrapbook was this big book with non-acid-free paper? when you put everything in it because you didn't care how long it would last? when you added pictures, ticket stubs, cartoons, whatever? when there was no pressure to make it a work of art?

yeah, i remember those days. (i still have those scrapbooks. they're filled to the brim with stuff from my life in highschool. i loved them.)

and then, 16 or so years ago, the scrapbook craze hit. everyone went wild. the industry exploded. the pressure was on to create art and memories at the same time. get all your pictures in books. soon the pictures built up until i couldn't keep up with them. too much expectation. i started to write. honestly, at the time i thought it was easier. (ha ha)

funny thing happened today. as i explored art journals online, i came across a term: smash books. guess what they are? scrapbooks that you put everything in. but the scrapbook companies are selling them. crazy.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

What was old is now new again!

Dana said...

Yep--exactly what Alex said!

Laurel Garver said...

That's too funny. I also used to keep the "smash book" kind of scrapbook and loved them. I also don't like how the more serious scrapbooking has become so over the top, the expectations are so high--I'm so totally on the same page with you on this!

My daughter is nearly ten and I haven't scrapbooked past her 4 month mark--and she's an only child! All the photos are organized, but I would rather spend my creative energy elsewhere--writing, gardening and such. When she gets a little older, I plan to let her have a go at scrapbooking her baby pix herself.