May 20, 2012

art, randomness, and house news

it's been a while since i went random, so it's about time.
♫ i've become so enamored (or maybe obsessed) with art journals that i haven't taken the time to write lately. gotta get back to my story and finish. the art was supposed to jumpstart the writing, not completely take over.

♫ art journaling and writing have at least two things in common: it's easy to go looking for all the info and inspiration you can find, and then 1, not actually get to your own journal, and 2, feel totally inadequate when you see other artists' journals.
♫ i went to a graduation party yesterday and instead of cake, we had cookies in the shape of the Bat Signal. everyone should eat a Batman cookie at least once in their life. (is the theme song from the 60's going through your head now?)

♫ my house's completion date is July 20, give or take a week. the sooner i get out of this rental house with its postage stamp size kitchen, the better. i'm going a little crazy.

♫ of course, the house's completion also means i have to pack boxes again and move again. once we're in the house, i'm giving the boxes away. i don't want to see another box for moving for a long time.

♫ by the time we get into our house, we will have been displaced for a year. a first for us. we lived in our previous house for 17 years.

♫ also, by the time we get into our house, we will have moved 4 times. in the space of a year. i'm so glad we're not a military family. they probably have moving down to a science. i don't.

♫ we ordered the coolest couch for our basement. our friends had a couch like this and you can fit like 8 or 9 people on it. perfect for watching movies on the big screen tv in the new man-cave.
Magnitude Sectional Set - Jackson Furniture
♫ have i mentioned i can hardly wait to be in my house? here's a picture of the basement. i know. big excitement. i love that the back half is open.

♫ and here are 2 pics of our property. the first is looking west from our house site. the sky is just gorgeous. the second is coming up our driveway. we're open to visitors.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your house is going to be amazing when it's done. And while I was a military brat and moved a lot, not sure we had it down to a science. We just accepted the changes and moved forward.
Sorry about your giraffes.

Kim Dellow said...

Nice to meet you in the blogosphere! That sofa is going to look fab! So glad you are getting into art journals they are just such good fun! Have a lovely week! Kim

Andrea Teagan said...

Your property looks so gorgeous! I love the trees and clouds and mountains. I too love art journals, they do take a lot of time but are so worth it :)


Olivia J. Herrell said...

Love your views! Beautiful!!!

Annalisa Crawford said...

That's such a grogeous location - lots of inspiration in those views!

Angelika Westermann said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! When visiting your website I realized that you are writing just the sort of novels I love reading! Such a coincidence... Have to warn you: Art journaling is highly addictive. Started it about three years ago and never looked back. And how I will have to hop over to Amazon and order "Eldala" :-)