February 5, 2012

2 blogging awards

Rachel Mary Bean of Writing on the Wall gifted me with two blogging awards. now i get to list 10 random things about me and pass these on. let me see if i can list things i haven't listed before...

1. i was in speech and debate in high school. most nerve wracking class i ever had.

2. i celebrate 4 major holidays/events in the space of a week-- Christmas, birthday, New Years, and my anniversary. obviously the birthday i couldn't help, but what was i thinking getting married on January 2nd? oh yeah...i'd just graduated from college and i was tired of waiting.

3. i'm a fan of Steven Waddington on facebook. some of the people there know him. i've mentioned i wrote a novel using him as a main character. if he ever says anything i'll freak. at the same time, something in me wants to meet him. that would probably make me freak too.

4. i used to live in Mesa, AZ. Mesa is Spanish for flat-topped hill. i moved to Butte, MT. a butte is a flat-topped hill (and is pronounced like the beaut in beautiful). God has a sense of humor.

5. i also moved from one desert to another. this one is just colder.

6. i told my kids that when it got to 20 below here (which it hasn't yet), they could remind me how much i hated the heat in the Phoenix area. last summer it got up to 118.

7. my middle name is Denise.

8. my maiden name is Engbretson. none of my teachers could pronounce it right on my first day in their class. at least it wasn't Trzbiatowksi (that's Treb-uh-TUH-skee).

9. i know a Trzbiatowski family in Wisconsin.

10. i was very happy to marry a Gregory. 

i'm not sure how many people to pass this onto, and i don't remember who i've given an award to, and who i haven't, but here goes. (and as a note, i hate leaving people out, and i knew i couldn't list every blog i visit, but i think you're all great.)

Wake up, eat, sleep, write (what a great name for a blog)
Winded Words
The Bookshelf Muse
Tasha Seegmiller
Alex J. Cavanaugh


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awards! I hate cold weather so I'd probably do quite well in Phoenix. And OMG, I have so many characters inspired by real people that if the real people ever figured it out, I could be in deep trouble!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thank you, Michelle! I've received it before so I shall just graciously accept it. And the last week of the year is busy for you!

Annalisa Crawford said...

Thanks Michelle. I've received several awards recently, so I'm not quite sure how I'm going to pass them on - but I'll try!

Donna Hole said...

ha, loved the Buttes and Mesa thing. At least you "planned" that one well :)

I had a horrible maiden name I married out of too. I still have problems spelling it :)


Jackee said...

Oh, man! So sweet of you to give me an award. Thanks a ton, dear! I've been wondering how the adjustment to MT was going. Looks like you are still missing our lovely state. LOL!

Thanks again for the award! <3

Susan Kane said...

You are the high desert now, but where was the other desert? We lived in the Mojave Desert for 7 years, and winters could be very cold!

E. Arroyo said...

Congrats! I dropped speech in H.S. took writing instead. You are brave.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, first time visitor and great to meet you! I've been to Butte, MT and stayed a few months to help a friend renovate a few buildings. Gets might cold there in the winter.