January 17, 2012


-- my driveway goes between these two huge Douglas Fir trees. i love it. just 6 or 7 more months and i'll get to live there.

-- wind really does make a difference in temperature. 30 degrees and wind is worse than 20 degrees with no wind.

-- i never thought i'd see icicles on my car.

-- or on my mailbox.

-- for the first time, i'm enjoying editing. at least this week.

-- reading great fiction usually makes me go, "my story is garbage." this time it inspired me to do better. and edit.

-- you can't have too many fleece blankets when you live in Montana. even in summer.

-- facebook makes the world smaller. i've been chatting with a new friend from Italy. what fun.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Your new home will be awesome!
And I've lived in places that hover near zero degrees. No wind, please!

Tracy Jo said...

Wind chill is crazy. MN has been mild this year which has been nice. Your home looks like it is in a beautiful spot! Love MT. Fun random thoughts!

RachelMaryBean said...

Have fun with the move! I love Montana, it's beautiful there.

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Well, I have to follow you if you love giraffes. And you're also a writer. But I am partial to giraffes as they are my sons favorite. Do you know about the lap giraffes? The miniature. Adorable.