November 28, 2011

bowing out

your support and encouragement as i've tried to reach the 50,000 mark during nanowrimo have been much appreciated. having made it to 38,000 yesterday, and seeing that in order to "win" i had to write 3900 words or so for the remaining 3 days made my head spin. there's no way.

so it's time to stop.

which does not mean i'm quitting.

the whole point of participating this year wasn't to reach 50,000 words. (although some part of me still wants to count words for the next few days to see how close i can get. but i won't. i must resist...) nope. the point was to get back into writing my sequel. it was a way to get past the writer's block that's plagued me for months.

in both those goals, i was successful. very successful. the story is now flowing. i can see that there will be an end. not only that, i've had a great time writing it, not something i expected.


Nicole Mc said...

Good for you, for getting as far as you did and knowing your limits and feeling good about them! As far as I'm concerned you did awesome, that's a lot of words! ;)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Why rush through it? You accomplished far more than if you'd never tried, right? And that's not failure.

Tracy Jo said...

Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment and what a relief that you plowed through your writers block. Always important to keep the balance....great job!

MorningAJ said...

Well done!

I freely admit that I've slammed in any old junk just to get a total. That means the clock's now stopped and I can concentrate on writing stuff that I WANT to include rather than sloppy and overwritten prose just to make it to 50,000. My total might say I'm a 'winner' but if I'm honest there's probably not much more than 35,000 worth saving.

KarenG said...

That's what I like about doing Nano, it really gets the work jumpstarted, to me even more important than hitting the word count.