October 21, 2011

Genesis: a novella by Kristie Cook

i'm coming out of my self-imposed hole break from blogging to bring to your attention a great novella by my dear friend, Kristie Cook.

"A father who reveals his truth. Twins who take different paths—one light, one dark. Angels who have plans for them both And Demons who do as well. So the Earthly battle for souls ignites… A tale that is over 2,000 years old, this is the story of the Amadis beginnings."

if you've read Kristie's first two books, Promise and Purpose, reading Genesis will help tide you over until she comes out with the next one. it also tells the history behind the Amadis and the Daemoni. if you haven't read her other books yet, this is a great introduction.

Genesis is live today on Smashwords for various e-book readers. the paperback comes out soon on Amazon.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know that writer! Congratulations to Kristie.

Kristie Cook said...

Thank you for coming out of your hole, er, I mean off your break for me, Michelle! You're so sweet! I appreciate the shout-out.

Alex, thank you! A new release is so exciting, especially when it's a little earlier than planned.

Donna Hole said...

This sounds exciting. And its not YA? I'll have to check it out . .