July 10, 2011

seriously cute

fellow fantasy writer and self-publisher Sarah at The Aspiring Sub-creator has gifted me with the Seriously Cute blog award. i'm not sure how those two words can go together, but hey, i'll just go with it.

as with most awards, i'm not sure where it came from, but here are the rules for accepting it. i'm supposed to list 5 books, movies, or tv shows i've experienced in the last year. then i'm supposed to pass it on.

honestly, this last year has been a blur, so i'm not sure what i've experienced. these could be from 2 years ago or longer. the brain is a bit muddled right now. rather than pick random titles, i've picked titles that have had some kind of impact on me or my writing.

book - Purpose by Kristie Cook. although i read the Twilight books and had to finish the series to find out what happened, i didn't enjoy them as much as Kristie's paranormal Soul Saver series. she puts a different twist on the whole vampire-werewolf thing and gives her characters a better reason for having a story. i enjoyed the first book (Promise) and found i liked the sequel (Purpose) even more. an added bonus is that i've gotten to know Kristie a little better and she's become one of my indie publishing mentors.

movie - Prince of Persia, the Sands of Time. this was just an all-out fun movie. the stunts were great and i love the character of cheeky but likeable Prince Dastan. he gave me an idea for a future character.

movie - The Adjustment Bureau. this wasn't a movie i would have picked to watch, but we were in our hotel in Butte and needed something to watch and this was on the pay-per-view menu. besides being a well-acted story with great characters, it gave me a huge plot twist for my sequel that i never expected but love.

tv show? - The Royal Wedding. more like a tv event. i didn't watch it and i even complained about Americans paying so much attention to it. but then i had lunch with a friend and she gave me her perspective. the part of the conversation that affected me was her talking about the juxtaposition of the traditional royals and the new royals. it gave me an insight into my main character, Arathor, that i'd never considered before.

movies - Shrek 4, Kung Fu Panda 2, Thor, Tangled, and Pirates of the Carribbean 4. these have been just plain fun and entertaining, which is something i've needed in the last few months. it's nice to let my mind get lost in something other than moving and making lists. i'm also looking forward to seeing Cars 2, Captain America, and Cowboys vs. Aliens.

i'll give this to these bloggers (which doesn't mean i think your blog is cute per se, but rather is a blog i like to visit). there are so many and it was hard to pick, and i don't know how many bloggers i'm supposed to award.

Abby Annis
Amanda Trought
Olivia J. Herrell


Abby Annis said...

Thanks so much, Michelle! Very sweet of you to think of me! :)

Jackee said...

Love all those things! I haven't seen the royal wedding either, but I can appreciate that perspective. Maybe I'll have to check it out now... you know... for research's sake. :o) LOL!

Olivia J. Herrell said...

Awww. Thank you! You're so sweet!

I wanted to see Prince of Persia and had forgotten about it. I'll definitely get it now. So you're working on the sequel to Eldala! How far along are you? I've been gone a lot and have missed out on much it seems.

~ that rebel, Olivia