June 3, 2011

feeling random, news about moving, and Kung Fu Panda 2

(my apologies for this posting again, but blogger messed up my font size.)

Ϫ the lucky symbol that gets to be my bullet point today is the Coptic capital letter Gangia. i chose it because i thought it looked cool, then realized i should look up its meaning to make sure i hadn't chosen some pagan fertility symbol or something.(you never now what they might have included in your character map for Windows). when i looked up Coptic, i found that it refers to Egyptian Christians. what a relief. 

Ϫ this post turned into a longer list than i'd intended. just a warning. but, hey, if you've got nothing better to do...

Ϫ blogger may be a pain in the backside right now, but i still prefer it to wordpress or anything else out there. after 6 years, they have me trained. or i've been assimilated.

Ϫ we looked for a house in Butte. we didn't find anything we liked. they all had flaws we couldn't live with--like the 5 acres all being a hill behind the house, or a master bedroom that was too small for our king size bed, or closets that only a small pet could navigate... stuff like that. we have options, one of which is building, but nothing is written in stone. i don't know where i'll live, just that i'll live somewhere.

Ϫ i haven't worked on my sequel for more days than i remember. i think it's been months. i haven't really written anything in the last few months. i discovered that my brain can't handle getting ready to move *and* writing.

Ϫ not working on my sequel is actually a blessing. if the ideas were flowing, i would feel guilty for writing when i have to be packing and getting the house ready to sell, and i when i would be working on the house, i would be yearning to write. the pull in two directions would be bad for my heart.

Ϫ that doesn't mean that i haven't been thinking about writing, and according to one writing friend, even thinking about writing is writing. story ideas are popping up all over the place inside my head. mermaids are at the forefront.

Ϫ i'm also thinking about several different blog posts, including how editing for the market is like trying to stage my house, how ideas have to compost, writing to be treasured vs writing to be popular, and how we all have to find our own way to write. those might not get written till August, but by golly, i'm going to write them. (and now that i've listed them, you guys can pester me about getting them done.)

Ϫ today is the first day in several that i get to stay home. there have been errands to run almost every day. it's nice to just stick around here.

Ϫ needing something to think about besides house stuff, i spent my free time in the last two days reading through stories i wrote for myself. i found out once again that, if nothing else, i can write to entertain myself.

Ϫ compared to packing, chores like doing dishes and laundry are a relief. even grocery shopping was nice because i wasn't having to make decisions on color or style.

Ϫ we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 the other day and loved it. what a great story. definitely going back to see it again.

Ϫ i wish i didn't get so attached to people. it would make moving so much easier.

Ϫ i'm thankful for email and facebook and Skype. it will make moving a little easier.

Ϫ i'm always amazed that people come here to read my random thoughts.


Susan Kane said...

Great random thoughts, with interest across the readers.
Kung Fu Panda 2 is on my list for the wkend.

The Golden Eagle said...

It's fun when ideas are popping up, isn't it? Although it can be distracting when you're doing something else. :P

I've been reading a lot of positive reviews of Kung Fu Panda 2, and I'm interesting in seeing it--but I'll have to catch up on the first!

thewritelife2 said...

I'll miss seeing you at the writer's group. :o)

Joanne said...

I've always thought that even when I'm away from writing, I am still writing ... by contemplating or plotting or researching. I hope you have a beautiful journal handy to keep notes in while you're away from actual writing at the keyboard :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Assimilated? Does that mean you're Borg now?
Always hated moving.
And glad you enjoyed Kung Fu Panda 2! Thought the story was sweet and the visuals stunning.

Anne Gallagher said...

Writing is always tough to do while moving. Sucks you couldn't find a house in Butte. I'm sure there's something in Montana big enough. I'm taking Monster Child to see Kung Fu Panda after she gets out of school next week.

Lisa Yarde said...

Good luck with the move, it may take some time but you'll find a place that fits. My kids are too big for Kung Fu Panda (in their opinion!) but I'll offer it as an option

L. Diane Wolfe said...

It's been years since we moved - I'd hate to do it now!