April 29, 2011

A-Z - y? movie quotes

the favorite question around this house, besides "what's for dinner?" is "what are we going to watch tonight?" the answer depends on what kind of mood the person choosing the movie is in. with all the movies we watch, it's not surprising we have some favorite quotes. (these are completely random and have no theme whatsoever.)

Well you may not know this, but there's things that gnaw at a man worse than dying.  ~ Charlie in Open Range


I don't have the answers, Charley. But I know that people get confused in this life about what they want and what they've done and what they think they should have because of it. Everything they think they are or did takes hold so hard that it won't let them see what they can be. ~ Sue in Open Range

Great cooking is not for the faint of heart – you must be imaginative, strong-hearted. You must try things that may not work. You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul. It is true that anyone can cook – only the fearless can be great. ~ Chef Gusteau, Ratatouille


I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.

So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.  ~ Frodo and Gandalf, Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring


What about breakfast?

You've already had it.

We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?  

I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.

What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn't he?

I wouldn't count on it. ~ oft quoted at our house, Merry and Pippin, Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring

A life lived in fear is a life half lived. ~ Fran, Strictly Ballroom

and totally random, but one of my favorites as i'm making toast...a conversation from one of my very favorite movies, Kate and Leopold. (be warned, this is kind of long.)

Leopold: That thing is a damned hazard!

Kate: It's just a toaster!

Leopold: Well, insertion of bread into that so-called toaster produces no toast at all, merely warm bread! Inserting the bread twice produces charcoal. So, clearly, to make proper toast it requires one and a half insertions, which is something for which the apparatus doesn't begin to allow! One assumes that when the General of Electric built it, he might have tried using it. One assumes the General might take pride in his creations instead of just foisting them on an unsuspecting public.

Kate: You know something? Nobody gives a rat's a** that you have to push the toast down twice. You know why? Because everybody pushes their toast down twice!

Leopold: Not where I come from.

Kate: Oh, right. Because where you come from, toast is the result of reflection and study!

Leopold: Ah yes, you mock me. But perhaps one day when you've awoken from a pleasant slumber to the scent of a warm brioche smothered in marmalade and fresh creamery butter, you'll understand that life is not solely composed of tasks, but tastes.

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Name: Luana Krause said...

Great quotes! Kate & Leopold is a favorite of mine and Hugh Jackman is amazing!

LEOPOLD: Where I come from the meal is the result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said that without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable.