April 17, 2011

wonderfully random

i'm happy to break out of the A-Z thing and be completely random again today...

♥ to all my friends who celebrate its arrival, happy Palm Sunday.

♥ i've had to put Black Heart's current draft on hold so my mind can stop obsessing about it. the pressure of finishing was too much for my brain to handle. thank you to my writing friends for encouraging me to slow down and smell the flowers.

♥ the huge job of cleaning out the garage is done and now i can get to the boxes so i can pack. what a relief. now to get some of the already packed boxes into the garage.

♥ instead of working on house projects today, my husband and i are going to make a run to Home Depot for flowers and fill the front planter with color--one of my favorite things to do.

♥ i'm currently engrossed in a YA novel by Ashley Knight called Fins. the title alone was intriguing, and the first two chapters on Ashley's website grabbed my attention.

♥ my daughter and i were looking up animals for school and we discovered there are 6 species of flamingos. we both love flamingos. i decided that my favorite species is the Andean. i love the contrast of pink and black in their feathers.

♥ another cool bird we found was the quetzal. even saying its name is fun.

♥ i think that when the A-Z thing is over, i'm going to give away a copy or two of my book to my followers. there i go again, giving things away. seems to be a habit.

♥ i'm debating putting in a link to a mermaid short story i wrote a couple of years ago for a contest. it needs work and it has adult content. i linked to it in the past, but took it down for reasons i don't even remember now. if i do put it up, it will be a free pdf and word download at Smashwords.

♥ getting up at 4:30 is driving me crazy, but it's happened for three days in a row now. i think i'd like to sleep in for a change. if only my brain and the birds in my backyard would let me. sigh.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a lot of random thoughts! Glad your garage is done. Hate having those types of projects hanging over my head.