April 7, 2011

the goal of a writer

as writers, we all have goals. some just want to finish a novel. some have dreams of finding an agent, finding a publisher, having their book on a shelf in a bookstore.

some of us have decided to self-publish. even among indies and self-publishers, there are different goals. some want to extensively market their books and make a living at writing. some want to reach the widest audience possible. some are content with reaching just a few. some just want to tell a good story and see what happens.

whatever your writing goals are, i want to support you. i'm glad you've decided to walk the path. i know it's not an easy one. just as others have done for me, i'm here to listen and encourage. i will celebrate your triumphs and cry with you over your disappointments.

i could go into a long explanation of my goal, but my dear friend February Grace has stated it more eloquently than i could.

Choose Your Own Writerly Adventure.

you can probably guess which path i've chosen, but you can read my comment to know for sure. you'll also read in my comment that Black Heart is on hold while i recharge my mind and take care of some other things in life. i'll post on that in a day or two.  

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I didn't have big aspirations and was happy to land a small publisher. So far, it's been a great ride!