February 3, 2011

when you can't write...

...because of illness in my case (the creative side of my brain has difficulty functioning when my head is full of... well, let's not get into that...), it's just easier to blog. even better is when other bloggers provide the subject matter.

the first blogger -- N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author -- gifted me with this cute award:
there weren't any specific rules that went with this one that i know of, so i'll just pass it on to a few people. 

two bloggers who make me smile--

Alex J. Cavanaugh (what a great blogging friend)

Cruella Collett (you should read her post about Japan. it's priceless.)

two authors who make me smile --

Mary Connealy (romantic comedy with cowboys, inspirational style)

Kaki Warner (romance with tough, gritty cowboys)

some blogging/writing friends who make me smile --

Kristal Shaff (who's currently snowed under)

Christine Hardy (don't forget to enter her blogfrest)

Lisa J. Yarde (check out her beautiful new cover art)

Kristie Cook (wish her good health - she's sick too)

and then on another note, a blogger i just started to follow -- Sniffly Kitty (i think that's what i am today) -- has this:

Third Sentence Thursday

i'm supposed to take the third sentence of the book i'm currently reading and review it. well, the only "book" i'm reading right now is Black Heart (i have a third draft to write, so hey, no time for other books right now), and technically the third sentence is from the prologue (which i've already posted) so i'll grab the third sentence from the first chapter (that i finally re-wrote and like).

i've included the sentences around it because it really won't make sense without those, and my brain is too stuffy or sniffly or whatever to review anything, so i apologize to Sniffly Kitty for not following the rules to the letter. we'll call it part of my therapy to be less of a rule-follower and more of a rebel.

“We had it better under the last king.”

The farmer’s voice carried over the din of laughter and off-key singing. With each round of drinks, the man’s complaints had grown louder.

Arathor ignored him and concentrated on the dice he’d just rolled.


Jen Chandler said...

I hope you feel better soon! It's tough being creative with a clogged head. Kudos to you for still blogging and congrats on the award!

KarenG said...

Yes blogging is a great substitute for when you can't do the real gritty creative stuff, and I remind myself that I'm marketing so it's not really a time waste. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Kristie Cook said...

Oh, no! Not you guys, too! Ugh. It's almost out of my house, hopefully for good. But you know that I know exactly how you're feeling about writing right now. Get better soon!!! And thank you for the award!

Colene Murphy said...

Feel better!! Congrats on your kitty award!!

Mary Connealy said...

Thanks, Michelle. I think that's as nice an honor as I've ever gotten.

Donetta said...

I hope you feel better. Have a warm morning:)

Joanne said...

Blogging is a great way to just keep yourself in the writing zone ... hope you're feeling better soon.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thank you, Michelle! Hope I can always make you smile.

Ann Best said...

So many people are sick, including my youngest daughter. She sounds awful. I hope she and you get well soon! It's amazing you're blogging. But then, as I think about it, this actually perks me up! Hope it perks you up to read the comments!
Ann Best, Author

Cruella Collett said...

Thank you, Michelle! Feel better soon and try to "enjoy" being sick, as my dad always says (if your body is telling you to take a few days off, you might as well enjoy it, right?). Hopefully all the smiles help too :)

February Grace said...

Get well soon Michelle!

Jemi Fraser said...

Hope you're feeling better soon - it's no fun to have a head stuff with yucky stuff! Take care!

Olivia J. Herrell said...

Feel better! And congratulations on the awards!

~that rebel, Olivia

Nahno McLein said...

Writers are supposed to oppose rules and object the ordinary. So well done with your "review".

Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with your drafting process.
Nahno ∗ McLein