January 5, 2011

a little bit of fun

and a way to not write my 3rd draft.

through a series of links i don't even remember, i found this site for generating a signature for blog posts called My Live Signature. and since i didn't want to bother with scanning my own signature, i let it generate one for me, as close to my handwriting as possible.

but then i had to figure out how to put it at the bottom of my posts, which led to this post on Blogger Plug-ins about how to add a signature to blog posts.

it wasn't that complex, but i must warn you that the instructions include saving your signature to your hard drive (which My Live Signature will let you do) and then uploading it to blogger so you have a url for where the image is hosted, and then you have to go into the xml code and add a line.

all that to say, it was a success and it beat completely altering my blog template. besides, i still like my template and i'm definitely keeping the giraffes around.

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catherine said...

Great quote from Byron! :)