January 6, 2011

a post script on why it does matter

reading the post below, i realized i haven't been that pensive in public in a long time.

anyway, a revelation came to me in the shower (don't our best ideas usually come in the shower?) about why getting a book on Kindle and Nook matters, and why piddly things like cover problems matter.

the first is a celebration. if we didn't have celebrations (even small ones like a book finally being in digital format after 3 years of thinking about it), life would be unbearable. can you imagine?

actually, i hope you can't. i hope your life isn't so bad that you never have anything to celebrate. (but on the chance that even one of you has a life like that, please email me at michelledgregory at gmail dot com so i can give you a listening ear.)

the second can be remind me to be grateful that my life isn't a whole lot worse. a cover glitch is not the biggest deal in the world -- just a nuisance. at least i haven't been in a car accident for over 15 years and my kids are healthy and my husband loves me. i have a lot to be grateful for.

and on that other thing, the writing thing...writing matters to me because if i didn't have that, something inside me would curl up and die. dramatic, i know, but the honest truth about me.


February Grace said...

Michelle, I know it's hard to post things like the post below but if you don't then your friends can't surround you and tell you that it's okay to feel that way, but that you're right- one person's suffering does not in any way minimize the stresses and worries in your own life- and if you can't share the ups and downs with your friends are they really friends? So no worries about that post ok?

Now, no matter what else is going on it absolutely does matter that your book is now on Nook (hey I've been writing too much poetry lately) and that it's a big deal- it IS a big deal! You've done something I so admire (well more than one thing but I digress) you published the book of your heart, and those who read it, each of us, find something different in it to love.

Yes, celebrations are mandatory- even the smallest (though this is by no means that). It's good to share those because even in the bad times it helps to see that good things still do happen and people do realize their dreams.

It's called inspiring people- and you do it more often than you know.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Enjoy the simple things! Celebrate those little accomplishments. I'm enjoying the ride with my book right now because that just might be the only one. And that's okay. I'm grateful it happened once.
Glad you finally got your book in eBook form!

Cruella Collett said...

I read both posts, and I have to say I really agree with you. Sometimes I feel really full of myself - my own problems are so huge that I can't see the world behind. And then sometimes my bubble cracks and I realize I have lots of things to be grateful for, and that there are other, more important things out there than my petty problems.

I think revelations such as those (the shower is indeed a great place for them) are important in our lives, and you should perhaps count it as one more blessing that you are so insightful to realize it :)

And congratulations on getting your book on Nook! I should perhaps mention that I downloaded the Kindle sample of Eldala and absolutely loved it. It's on my to-buy list :)