December 6, 2010

swept away

my newest bloggy friend, February Grace (whom i consider to be one of the most courageous people i know in the blog world) has written a post about how she's been Swept Away by a Story. i am pleased to say that she's talking about Eldala.

once again, it's encouragement like this that keeps me going. God knows just when i need to hear it. many thanks, dear Bru.

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Francine said...


It's lovely when a fellow blogger mentions a book that swept them away, and February being a sweety does deserve a pointer in her direction.

I'm intrigued you've done Indie, I'm thinking that way at the moment. Subbing seems so damn time consuming, what with subbing samples, and partials (1 out) and fulls (1 out)and then re-writes and still no pub contract = another year down the pan when the blasted book could be out there in the public domain.

I've posted up two chaps of my latest as a test for going Indie. Shall see what happens really, whether the chaps drum up any interest. It's a tough business in the conventional publishing world, and a lot of slimming down underway in major publishing houses.

So how is Indie for you?