December 15, 2010

Purpose Virtual Release Party- an interview

I love helping other authors, and one of my favorite people to help is Kristie Cook. As soon as I heard she was doing a blog tour for her second book, Purpose, I knew I wanted to be involved. We tossed around a few ideas and at first, I was going to interview Kristie, but then she suggested I interview one of her characters. The idea was intriguing. I’ve never interviewed a book character before.

She gave me a few to choose from—Alexis, Tristan, Sophia (Alexis’ mom), Rina (Alexis’ grandmother), and Vanessa (a vampire who hates Alexis and is obsessed with Tristan). I toyed with the idea of interviewing Vanessa (my interview with a vampire-ha!) but decided against it. I don’t like her. I’ve seen interviews with Alexis and Tristan, but I hadn’t seen any with Sophia or Rina, so I landed on Sophia.

The questions and answers will make more sense if you’ve already read the first book, Promise. If you haven’t, the short explanation is that she’s very protective of her daughter; her mother, Rina, is the head of the Amadis (human-angel) council; she’s next in line to rule the Amadis; she’s much older than Alexis, but looks like she’s younger because of the Ang’dora (the change the Amadis go through); and she can sense the truth of a situation.

So, without further ado, let’s talk with Sophia…

MG: What was the first thing you thought when you saw Alexis with Tristan?

Sophia: Surprise. Surprised to see them together and surprised that I was surprised. I detect truths, but I hadn’t been watching for this, so it slipped right by me. I didn’t like that. But after what had happened…well, I don’t want to give anything away…I just thought he would stay away longer, as in many years longer. I didn’t think either of them were ready for what’s expected of them, especially Alexis.

MG: How hard has it been keeping information about the Ang’dora from Alexis?

Sophia: It’s more difficult than anyone realizes, especially Alexis, because I don’t particularly enjoy lying to her or hiding such important information. Sometimes it angers me that I’m bound so tightly to protect our secrets…especially from our own. I know she will be one of us! But if I expose the secrets before she’s ready, if I don’t protect them, they’d probably kill me. And then I wouldn’t be here to protect her.

MG: What was it like going through your own Ang’dora?

Sophia: Well, now, that’s its own story. I’m working with Kristie to share it. I’ll just say it was unexpected, confusing and exhilarating. (MG: I'm looking forward to that story.)

MG: Alexis already knows that she’s different, and that you’re different. Did you have that kind of pre-knowledge before you went through the Ang’dora?

Sophia: No, I knew nothing in the beginning. I’d been left alone in the world, having lost all my family. Or, at least, I thought I’d lost them all. Then my mother suddenly resurfaced and my life changed. Again.

MG: Rina seems rather ethereal and distant. What’s it like having her for a mother?

Sophia: I know my mother in a different way than anyone else. I knew her when she was just human and she was very human – she made her share of mistakes. I’ve learned to admire her strength and have gained a certain respect for her. I’ll just say that she’s a better matriarch than she was a mother.

MG: Are the two of you close?

Sophia: No, not exactly. We’ve butted heads since I was a child.

MG: How has the age gap between you and Alexis affected your relationship?

Sophia: I’ve done my best to continue adapting as times change. I look like I’m in my late 20s, so I need to behave as such …decade after decade. This has allowed me to understand Alexis’s world better than even a regular human who’s in their 40s or 50s by the time their child is a teenager. So, in some ways, there is less of a generation gap than with most parents and their children. On the other hand, my life at 18 was so different, it’s hard to believe it’s the same world. I guess that’s what all parents say, but they really have no idea…

MG: What changes, if any, would you make to the Amadis once Rina steps down? How will you run things?

Sophia: The ideals I have in my head and the reality of being in the position are likely very different. I don’t especially like the council…at least most of its members and the decisions it makes. I think I would take more of an authoritative position than my mother does. It seems to me that she often bows down to their decisions. However, only the matriarch is allowed to know certain insights from the angels. So perhaps it appears that she relies on the council more than she really does. Perhaps she is doing exactly what is best for everyone.

MG: If you weren’t taking care of Alexis and Dorian (Alexis' son), what would you be doing?

Sophia: I’d probably be doing whatever the council, I mean, my mother, directs me to do. Before I had Alexis, I led the converters – the soldiers that seek out Daemoni and try to convert them. However, I expect she has plans for me to take a more active role with the council when I return.

MG: Do you have any hobbies?

Sophia: I love books, all types, and spend most of my free time reading. I also enjoy watching movies, especially the early ones – from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. If I were stable enough to keep a collection, I’d have a room full of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia. But mostly James Dean. (smirks) I guess I have a thing for rebels and bad boys.

MG: Favorite music?

Sophia: Beethoven, Frank Sinatra and the Beetles.

MG: Favorite book (besides the ones Alexis writes)?

Sophia: Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile…just about anything Agatha Christie.

MG: I was going to thank Sophia for coming, but… well, anyway, thank you, Kristie, for taking the time to give us some insight into a character who doesn’t get much attention...yet.

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chrissi said...

Great interview! I also wonder when she's going to start dating someone, and if she's rather be with a normal human or another person with powers...

Kristie Cook said...

Good question! I think she'll be ready to date again soon...we'll just have to see who might come into the picture for her. :)

Margo Berendsen said...

Sounds like an intriguing series... will have to check it out!