December 14, 2010

proof copies coming today

a day earlier than expected. i don't know why i'm so excited. i've had copies of Eldala come here numerous times. maybe it's because they're proof copies of the revision? maybe i'm a little nervous, hoping the formatting turned out ok, hoping the cover turned out ok so i can quickly approve it and have it up for sale? i don't know.

of course, it means going over it again to proofread for errors. but honestly, if i find just two or three, i'm not fixing them, or uploading a new version because that means buying another proof copy, etc. (crossing my fingers here.)

and all this while i'm reformatting to upload for Kindle conversion. which means reading thru it on the computer... again.

what fun.

and why did i post this? who knows.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Because you're excited! And rightfully so...

Colene Murphy said...

Agreed! Rightly excited! Yeay!!