December 4, 2010

dragging me kicking and screaming into the digital age

this happened to me with my camera. i loved my Canon. i loved going to the store to pick up my pictures that i'd had developed. i loved putting them in scrapbooks. i didn't want a digital camera because i knew it would change things.

now i have a digital camera and i see my pictures instantly and they're stored on discs and i don't put them in scrapbooks anymore because it's easier to look at them on the computer. i think i miss touching the actual pictures, but it does save space and paper. i don't have to buy film. i can use it to take quick videos.

this also happened to me with the iPod. i loved listening to cds and didn't see any need for the iPod. now i sort my songs and put them in lists and can find any song i want, plus i don't have to buy a whole cd for just one song. it even irks me now when you have to buy a whole digital "album" to get one song. i don't miss cds.

i recall it happened when facebook first came around. i'd already resigned myself to communicating with people via e-mail, though i still prefer phone calls, but even now i find that emails are quicker and more efficient. i resisted facebook because i felt it was even less personal than e-mail, but for some of my friends, it's the only way i can communicate with them and i've found so many lost friends, and have connected with new people, and i actually enjoy it now. sigh.

i also avoided texting (my husband texted all the time and it drove me crazy.) to me, it's even more impersonal than e-mail or facebook. and then i got a new cell phone and i text to the people who will only respond to my texts. ok, i also text my doctor husband when he can't be disturbed because he's in with a patient. i've succumbed and i feel weird about it.

i hope this doesn't happen to me with books. there's still something about holding an actual book and curling up on the bed with it and feeling the pages as i turn them. it's comforting. it's cozy. it's not the same as working with my computer.

that doesn't mean i don't read e-books on my laptop. sometimes that's my only choice when i'm bored and can't find a book at the library, or don't have the time to get there. i download from my local digital library. i just hope i don't succumb to Kindle. i think that would be a bad step for me.

all that to say... if the trends i'm reading about (in the articles below) are true, i may have to go that way. and i certainly can't avoid putting my novels in digital form because i don't like losing printed books. just like facebook and e-mail, there are certain people who really enjoy reading a book on an e-reader, and i'm missing those people if i don't put Eldala in the digital world.

which is why i'm going to be using Smashwords in the very near future to get it on as many e-readers as possible. in light of that, i'm helping promote Smashwords by posting this intro video.

i just hope i'm not contributing to the end of the book as we know it (see the video on my sidebar). i'd hate to lose actual books.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If you do succumb to eBooks, gor for an iPad. If you like your iPod, you'll love all the features of the iPad.
And I'm still resisting the call of Facebook.

Colene Murphy said...

My hubs mentioned he was looking at ereaders for me. I had to ask him to please not get me an ereader for Christmas. I wont. Can't. Don't want to! I love BOOKS. Holding them, feeling them, flipping actual pages, smelling them. EReaders have actually made me sad...:(