November 7, 2010

let's back up, shall we?

1- if you're doing Nano, have you backed up your story lately? use a memory stick or email it to yourself and back it up on another comp or email it to a friend to back up, or do all of those. i'd hate for you to lose all those lovely, playful words you've hammered out for the last 6 days.

2 - if you're not nano-ing, have you backed up your current novel lately? that would be a horrible thing to lose too. just ask Lisa Yarde.

3 - have you backed up your blog lately? new blogging friend Ann Best just lost hers and had to start over. Clarissa Draper just reminded me to back mine up with instructions here: How to Save Your Blog and Your Sanity. thank you, Clarissa. i just backed up all 15.

yes, i said 15 - this one, my cowgirl blog, my wildhearted woman blog, my daughter's 3 blogs, my son's 3 blogs, my Eldala blog, and my website (split into 2 blogs).

4 - do you have a backup program for your computer? i have Carbonite backing up my laptop online, and then after my desktop totally crashed (and thankfully our tech guy was able to retrieve almost everything from various places on our hard drive), we downloaded a free backup program and now have things backed up on an external hard drive.

5 - have you backed up all those digital pictures you've downloaded to your computer? i'm still working on moving mine to cd's.

6 - have you backed up your iTunes folders? you can do that by syncing your iPod to your iTunes and if your comp crashes, you can actually import the songs back to the comp using your iPod. cool or what?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes to all of those things!

Clarissa Draper said...

Wow, thanks for the mention. That's great advice on all the other stuff too.