November 5, 2010

just 6 words

yesterday i stumbled across this great site, Smith Magazine, where they're collecting 6 word memoirs and printing them in books. very cool. so i contributed a couple about myself.

Knowing i'm loved keeps me alive.

Started to write. Came to life.

but then, early this morning, when i should have been sleeping, i kept thinking of more, not just about me, but about movie and book characters. so here's another one for me, then the others. i won't list who the character is, but i'll do a post in a couple of days with the answers, though you'll probably figure out who they are.

mine: Signed up for Nanowrimo. Published novel.

1. Found the Force. Saved the galaxy.

2. Captured by Ewoks. Found my brother.

3. Stopped for repairs. Frozen in carbonite.

4. Captured by Emperor. Saved my dad.

5. Took red pill. Saw the truth.

6. Disposed of ring. Saved Middle Earth.

7. Helped Mr. Frodo. Married my Rosie.

8. Stopped being Ranger. Became the king.

9. Found my Eldala. Ended a curse.

10. Found my Eldala. Became the queen.

11. Started with e-mails. Ended with love.

12. Went to ball. Married the prince.

13. Crippled Marine finds love, saves planet. (that one sounds more like a headline. oh well.)

14. Went through wardrobe. Deposed a witch.

i'm sure i'll think of more as the day goes on. can you think of any? post them in the comments.

15. Killed Emperor. Saved son. Brought balance.

16. Fell from fantasy world. Found love.

17. (re-do of 13) Took brother's place. Saved alien planet.

18. Found magic ring. Defeated a dragon.

19. Finally got Precious. Died in lava.

20. Went back in time. Fixed parents.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Returned to planet. Kicked queen's butt.

I like those!

February Grace said...

Just left Kansas. Got new shoes.

World just ended. Still in pajamas.

I could do this all day but sadly, I have to go do unfun medical things but I wanted to say thank you for the giggle!!!


Laurel said...

It's like a logline on a strict diet! Pretty interesting.

Kristie Cook said...

These are great! Of course, nothing's coming to mind now, but I'm sure it will when I try to sleep tonight. I think this could be used as a great writing exercising when facing that big BLOCK. Or, going off Laurel's comment, when writing "the blurb."

Nicole Zoltack said...

lol Those are great!