November 25, 2010

be your magical self

i came across this lovely post by February Grace of Pitch Slapped where she's Grateful for Permission to Just Be. you'll have to read it to see why i posted a carousel unicorn, but the tie-in is there, especially if you read my comment at the end.

when you read her post, you'll see exactly how i feel about writing and publishing and all that-- which is not to say that anyone doing this for other reasons or doing it another way is wrong, it's just how February and i look at things.

one of these days i'll do a post about it myself, but for now, Bru has said it so eloquently that i really can't add anything to it. in fact, i think i'm going to bookmark it so that when i get off track, i can read it and remember why i do what i do.

blessings for your Thanksgiving,


Catherine Denton said...

Blessings to you as well, Michelle! Have a great Thanksgiving.

E. Arroyo said...

That was great! Happy thanksgiving.

February Grace said...

Wow, I don't even know what to say...other than thank you, and I will always think of you now when I see a unicorn!

I decided last night to do a painting of a carousel horse for my blog- I've never tried painting a horse before so we'll see how it turns out...

This post and your comment are both gifts, and I needed the lift. Thank you so much.

*hugs hugs hugs* Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle. I'm thankful for your kindness, and for kindred spirits :)


Christine H said...

that was an awesome post! Thanks for linking to it.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sweet dreams to you tonight, my friend.