October 15, 2010

teetering on the edge

so for the very first time (you won't even believe this), i held a kindle. ok. so it wasn't my kindle. it belonged to someone else. all this time and i'd never seen one in person. just pictures. wow.

i love real books. i always will. something about curling up with one on a cold, rainy day and reading the day away. (ok. so there aren't many cold, rainy days in Phoenix and i don't need that as an excuse to read the day away. i'll do it for any reason.)

but i've gotten desperate enough to read something that i've downloaded books onto my laptop from the local digital library, so i'm not anti-digital. i just don't have lots of extra cash floating around right now for a kindle. but i can see the appeal. i mean, 3500 books. that's more books than i have now. a lot more books.

maybe someday. for now, i'll curl up with my latest Mary Connealy cowboy romance book, Wrangler in Petticoats. it will have to do. and i'm ok with that.


Lisa Yarde said...

Just give in - you know you want it!

Seriously though, I like both my paperbacks and the kindle. Each format has its merits. It's a case of wanting the best of both worlds.

Green Monkey said...

I haven't crossed over. I'm torn, because yes, I like to hold the book, but then...what to do with it after you have finished. I hold onto books the same way I do stained shirts and unmatched socks - knowing I should toss them, or move them forward, but I can't part.

Sara Harricharan said...

Michelle, have you checked out the B&N Nook? I have one and I absolutely adore it. I picked it over the nook for several reasons (expandable memory card slot and easy to replace battery option as well as the color screen) but I LOVE it. I still need my "real" books as well, but having a nook gives the best of both worlds. (Not to mention I can play chess and sudoku on it...) ^_^

Christine H said...

I've never actually held a Kindle either. Or an iPod. Or a Droid. Or an iPad.

I just found out that everyone in our company was given a free iPad the month before I started.

Missed it by *that* much.

Christine H said...

Sara - I know a lot of people love their Nooks. But isn't it true that the Nook will only 'read' books you purchase through Barnes and Noble? That's putting me off the idea of getting one, because I'm sure I'd want to read books from other sources, too.

Plus, the book don't stay on there forever with any of the readers, correct? They expire, don't they?

By the way, it cracks me up that B&N named their reader "the Nook."

"But a Nook can't read,
So a Nook can't cook.
So what good to a Nook
Is a hook cook book?"
-Dr. Seuss