October 28, 2010

a few posts in honor of Nanowrimo

i love nanowrimo. i'm just not doing it this year. but i do want to encourage my blogging friends who are, so i thought i'd do a few posts on the subject in the next few days.

the first is a video i found at Debbie Ohi's site Inky Girl, who btw, i found through my first nano experience since she was providing nano comics. i'll probably be linking to some of her previous nano comics during the month.

i might also do some re-posts of my nano experiences from 2005 and 2007... or was it 2008? i don't remember now.


Kristal Shaff said...

That video is sooo cute! Going to have to use that one. :)

Tessa Conte said...

LOL omg very funny!

Sorry me tooix will have to steal that video...*sniggers*