October 21, 2010


this morning, i sat on my front porch and dreamed.

the rain had washed away the smell of the city and there was nothing to hear but the sounds of the breeze and the birds. i closed my eyes and let myself be transported to the deck of the house where i want to live in Montana.

i could almost hear the sounds of horses and chickens and goats and birds and running water. i pretended there was a Montana breeze caressing my face. i imagined the earthy smell from my muddy courtyard was the scent of the spring creek and damp grass.

i sat there, for just a few minutes, thinking and dreaming and praying.

it was hard to get up and go into the house to face my morning chores. i imagine it will be the same there.

more about my future Montana life...


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Montana would be beautiful!

Jemi Fraser said...

I've always thought Montana would be a beautiful place to live!

Christine H said...

Oh, Michelle, I feel for you! I sit on my porch and dream about being somewhere less populated, too. I really hate New Jersey.


Compared to the Ohio Valley, this is a wasteland. I was actually thinking when I went to the park yesterday after work and stood by the muddy, reeking swamp that passes for a "pond" that it was something worthy of Mordor!

But I take as much pleasure as I can in the brightly colored trees along my morning drive, ignoring the strip clubs and discount booze outlets and greasy spoons and all those long, long rows of brake lights ahead of me.

This is why we live in fantasy worlds, right?

By the way, I am THERE when you get to Montana!