October 31, 2010

5 years ago, part 2 OR how we ended up in the newspaper

the story i promised that goes with the picture from yesterday... i've re-posted from Oct. 17, 20 & 27, 2005.

"i won't exactly be famous" - Oct. 17, 2005

I was at a NaNoWriMo forum and came across a message posted by a local reporter from our paper. She participated in the 50,000 word frenzy last year and wants to do an article about local particpants. I e-mailed her and she asked for my name, age and city. I don't know if my name will end up in the article or not. If it does, that would be so weird.

Post-script- This was the final e-mail I got from the reporter.

Actually I was just talking to our photo editor, and we were wondering if we could get a picture of you and your son that will be helping you do this? Can a photog come to your house and get a picture of you with your son prepping for the event?
Kathy :-)

So now I have a photographer from our newspaper coming to my house!

Oct 20, 2005

"Will we end up in the newspaper?"

That is the question on my boys' lips, as well as mine. The photographer came last night (poor woman - she got lost and when she knocked on a door down the street and said she was from the newspaper, the homeowner accused her of soliciting!). She was very good at her job and after taking 20 - 30 pics, we talked about how she came to work at the newspaper. It was a good experience for my kids. Ah... the joys of homeschooling.

I contacted the reporter to find out when she will be publishing the article. I am still waiting to hear. We are waiting here on pins and needles.

and the final story, "not exactly famous" (the article that appeared in our newspaper)


Donna Hole said...

That was cool. Everyone deserves at least 15 minutes of fame :)


Kristal Shaff said...

Have we known each other that long???

Wow. Where has the time gone?