September 20, 2010

oh so happy

my new blogging friend Donna Hole gifted me with the Happy 101 blogging award. Jen Daiker gave it to me back in January, and here are the answers to 10 things that make me happy. but it won't hurt to list ten more things, so here goes:

1. watching a really good movie with a happy ending.

2. reading a really good book (or even a mediocre book) with a happy ending, or the possibility of a happy ending. (i checked, and this one was there as well)

3. writing (yes, that's on the list before, twice i think)

4. walking into a bookstore and taking a deep breath.

5. watching horses

6. interacting with horses (ok, so horse stuff was on the list before, too)

7. petting a cat

8. spending time with my kids (so was this)

9. spending time with my husband (and this)

10. the smell of the forest.

so only 5 repeats, which, considering it's 7 AM and i'm still waking up, that's pretty good.

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