September 22, 2010

so you want to write a novel? ha!

i don't know if this video by YA author Jen Hayley has made it to your corner of the web or not, but i have Kristie Cook to thank for pointing it out on facebook. it's so true that it's either sad or funny. i'm not sure which. if you don't happen to be a writer, this is pretty much what it's like to write a novel, start to finish.

i do want to know one thing: when did she have time to put this together? i don't think i have that much spare time. maybe she did it by staying "off" of facebook.


Lisa Yarde said...

OMG. She's almost as crazy as I am. If it wasn't for the brown hair, and ok fine, different skin color, that would be me! Brilliant, Michelle and Kristie. This must be re-tweeted!

Kelley said...

I bet she did have to stay off facebook! I haven't written a novel but the process seems similar to what i already do just on a much larger scale :)