August 7, 2010

something in the future or something i ate?

so i woke up from a very strange dream this morning. i was standing behind the podium at the church i attended when i was in highschool. the crowd was huge. i recognized a few people from my highschool years.

before the speech, i kept losing the notes. i think i was supposed to be speaking about dreams, but i ended up talking about writing. i don't remember much of what i said, but i do know i had them laughing. the really weird thing was, i didn't feel nervous about talking in front of this huge crowd. very odd since i hate speaking to more than 3 or 4 people at a time, and promoting my book is like having a root canal.

at the last minute, i realized i hadn't brought any copies of my book to sell and i couldn't get ahold of anyone to bring the 17 copies i had at home. i woke up before the speech was done. i wonder what else i would have said.

so was this a dream about the future, a desire to promote my book, or just something i ate last night?


Jemi Fraser said...

Sounds like a stressful dream - but I bet when you do go to promote your book you'll always remember those copies!

Angel said...

This is interesting. Not saying it's a true interpretation, but I wonder if the dream was God whispering that you can have success in what He has called you to do separate and apart from the selling of books. Sounds like you were going along, being yourself and connecting with your audience in spite of the missing books, or maybe because of the missing books. Just a thought...

Christine H said...

Sounds to me like an expression of your anxiety about your future and about promoting the book, combined with a little bit of newfound confidence.

The best thing is that you weren't naked. That must mean you are feeling much better about this self-promotion stuff than you realize! LOL!

I don't assume that a dream is from the Lord unless He tells me it is and gives me the interpretation. But that occurs very rarely. Usually it's just my subconscious acting up.

Olivia J. Herrell said...

Michelle, hello my new friend! Thank you for finding my blog, it's good to meet you.

I sometimes have these dreams and, for me, they're usually about some kind of performance anxiety. It's nice to wake up and know it's just a dream.

Great post, that rebel, Olivia