August 24, 2010

random questions

-- why has the neighbor's dog barked at 5 AM every day for the last week? esp. since their yard is right next to my bedroom? and why does it stop as soon as i'm up at 6?

-- if i reach 100 followers, does that mean i'm popular?

-- what am i writing that's making people follow me and should i care?

-- how did someone from Austria find my blog?

-- how am i supposed to read every blog i follow and still have time to write and do housework?

-- why do my kids leave their stuff in my bedroom?

-- if i want more people to read Eldala, why don't i take the time to promote?

-- why is playing on the internet and reading blogs and checking facebook and email more fun than promoting?

-- why is it that, once i gave myself persmission to be mean to my characters in Blackheart, i got over my writer's block?

-- i cried over what i'd done to my characters and then told my son we needed to put in more description about what we'd done. what does that say about me?

-- if i enjoy reading my stories again and again, does that make me egotistical?

-- i'm sleep deprived. did any of those make sense?

-- should i really be blogging when my brain is fried (i almost typed "when my frain is bried")? shouldn't i be trying to take a nap instead?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You function well for sleep deprived!
I follow 300 blogs and comment on close to 100 a day. I don't recommend doing it unless you have a job where you can multi-task with several computers. (Don't tell my boss!)

Donna Hole said...

hmmm, should I answer any of these? Will I be playing God if I do?

I'll pick a few . .

Neighbors dog: well, that's a symptom of the universe (Black Sabbath). All things considered, it could be neighbors up partying all night - or dog barking all night. See don't you feel better already that its only a half hour?

blog following: its not always interesting. It's ok to miss a few - as long as it isn't mine :)

promoting: yep; gonna self pub, gotta self promote. the more followers you get, the more people know about your book, the more that want to buy. 100 followers is 100 prospective buyers. So, promote on the blog. Go ahead; its your blog, you can advertise yourself and your creation. You're quite proud of Eldala - right?

kids and your bedroom: So you can find it for them silly girl.

internet distractions: yeah, I prefer that to anything else in the world too. hmm....

permission, guilt, do it again: well, you're a writer! God, in your own world. God gets bored listening to how thankful people are for all the wonderful things in their life they didn't have to work for. (sorry, had a bad intake today and I'm feeling not only cruel, but cynical).

YES blog when your brain is fried. Let us all know we're not alone with the crazies. Let US be grateful its you, not us - - - YET.

PS: shoot the dog in your next scene. Gain some fictional satisfaction at the very least.

And now I have Black Sabbath running wild through my head and needs must go indulge - with wine, not weed. (curse the day job)


Michelle Gregory said...

Alex - i'll never tell.

Donna - LOL. glad you answered those questions. i was starting to wonder.