August 28, 2010

next set of random questions

(forgive me. i'm bored and sleepy. it's 11 pm and the neighbors are moving furniture-- or very large vehicles-- in their backyard, right next to my bedroom. so i'm up blogging when i should be in bed. but some of my best posts come when i'm tired.)

these are all rhetorical. i'm not looking for answers, just getting some things out of my head.

-- do you think the neighbors would mind if i climbed over the wall and muzzled the dogs that bark at 11 pm and 5 am?

-- how is it i can be sleepy and ready for bed by 9, but when my head hits the pillow at 9:30, my mind is wide awake?

-- why is it that some of my best writing has come at 3 am? is it because my inner editor is still sleeping and the creative side comes out to play? why won't she come out to play at, say, 9 am?

-- why is it that my husband only snores on nights when i really need to sleep?

-- why am i asking all these sleep related questions?

-- if having 100 followers is a sign of blogging success (and it seems that it is with all the 100 followers contests i see - no offense to my friends), what does it mean if you have only 99? that you haven't quite made it?

(don't worry, i don't feel like i haven't made it. i like blogging and have been at it since 2005, back when you had to edit the html to customize blogger. the day they came up with widgets was wonderful.)

-- i think it's time for bed. my brain is getting foggy. 'night.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's the act of getting ready for bed that wakes you up again.
And I predict that really, really soon you will click over into success with 100 followers. No idea why success is defined by three digits instead of two, either.

Christine H said...

Here are my answers to those, Michelle. Based on my own experience of course.

- As the owner of one of those dogs, I would be very glad if you would not only muzzle him, but slip him some Benadryl, too.

- At 3 a.m., I don't feel obligated to do anything but write if I happen to be awake. At 9 a.m., I have a hundred things to take care of and can't concentrate.

- I've noticed that my husband's snoring is worse when he's really tired, too. Hence my fondness for our old but comfy sofa.

- Having 100 followers is not a sign of success. Having 1000 followers is a sign of success.

Michelle Gregory said...

Alex - maybe you're right. plus, i'm an introvert and quiet energizes me.

Christine - it's only a dream. i would never muzzle anyone's dog.

-i'd still rather be sleeping at 3. i like my sleep. i'm grouchy when i don't get enough. part of that highly sensitive person thing.

-the couch is my next option since we no longer have a guest room. it's now my daughter's room.

-1000 followers would mean that i had to work to get them (probably by following 1000 blogs and the 60 i follow now are too many- i keep weeding them out, just like FB friends i don't really know). plus it would put way too much pressure on me and i don't do well under pressure.

Jemi Fraser said...

I need to muzzle a neighbourhood dog too! Drives me batty! Good luck getting some superior rest :)