August 2, 2010

the joys of editing part 2, or fighting temptation

i knew it would happen. i knew if i went through Eldala and found the editing mistakes that i would be tempted to fix the writing mistakes. i'm still debating fixing those "said" errors, but i think those will be easy. and the hyphen fixes are done for the most part. i'm changing the em dashes and might even change the spacing of the--interrupted thought--dashes.

of course, i found at least one scene where i could have given the information in a later dialogue. i'm sure i'll find more. and i'm sure there are places where i told instead of showing.

i will fight the temptation. to give in and make major changes would 1- change the flavor of the story that readers already love, 2- cause me to have to buy a new ISBN, and 3- it would give me no benchmark to show that my writing has improved.

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Tessa Conte said...

Great to have you on not one, but TWO of my bloghops! Yay! *does little victory dance*