July 18, 2010

Star Wars on the subway

as a Star Wars fan, i couldn't resist posting. wish i could have been there when they did this, but i won't go to New York.


Donna Hole said...

At least the ride wasn't boring that day, huh?

Very cute.


Jemi Fraser said...

That is FANTASTIC!! I love the faces of the other passengers - and the amount of pictures being taken! Thanks for sharing :)

Christine H said...

Well, you would have thought she'd struggle a little. And the storm troopers had no blasters... not even the cheap Halloween fake ones. Bummer. I guess that's modern life for you.

But, yeah, it would have been fun to be there!

My son would probably have pretended to draw his lightsaber and fight them off.

Lisa Yarde said...

And the award for best deadpan expression goes to....Leave it to us New Yorkers, Michelle. I never take the subway during the summer, unless I feel like being roasted alive so I missed that one entirely.