June 22, 2010

what's a blogfest hostess to do?

i have to participate and i can't decide what darling to use. there's only a week and a few days left before the fest. i suppose that's the problem with having too many stories on my hard drive.

(some of you saying, "gee, must be horrible having too many stories to choose from. i only have a few." sorry. blame it on my overactive imagination and my weakness to not resist writing every story that catches my fancy. that could also explain why i haven't finished the 2nd draft of Blackheart. sheesh.)

i'm afraid i'm going to have to break one of my own rules, and how would that look? i suppose i could just change the rule and then i wouldn't have to break it at all, but then i would appear to be wishy-washy. the scenes that i'm considering are longer than 600 words. i may have to bump it up to 1000 or just not put any limit on the word count at all.

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