June 21, 2010

the Dirty Dozen (movie) blogfest

hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh, the Dirty Dozen Blogfest is a chance for bloggers to share their top 12 movies with other bloggers.

Alex asks: What movies have changed your life? What movies have changed you as a person? What movies are your ultimate enjoyment from start to finish? If you could only round up twelve, what movies would be your Dirty Dozen?

Alex, i have to ask? why just 12? do you know how hard that will be?

ok, so i'll take a stab at it because i love movies, but there are more than 12. to narrow it down, i asked myself, "when i'm feeling down or need a re-charge, which movies do i pick out of the movie cupboard?" at the end, i'll list my absolute favorite, the one movie i'd pick if i could keep only one movie (heaven forbid that would ever happen ).

i decided to break them into categories, just to make them a little easier to sort out.

movies that have changed my life or me as a person:

-- The Matrix - not exactly one i watch a lot, but it changed my whole perspective on life and what's really going on around us.

-- Strictly Ballroom - i first saw this at a Captivating Retreat and it gave me courage to do a thing i'd never imagined doing, as in writing a novel and telling my friends about it.

adventure-romance movies (unlikely hero or underdog has to defeat the bad guy and gets the girl):

-- Open Range

-- Last Samurai

-- Quigley Down Under

-- Man in the Iron Mask

-- Avatar

pure romance (because i'm a romantic at heart):

-- Kate and Leopold

-- You've Got Mail

-- Chocolat

-- Ever After

-- Dan in Real Life

-- Enchanted

-- Beauty and the Beast

movies that are pure fun to watch:

-- Back to the Future 3

-- A Knight's Tale

-- any Star Wars movie

-- the newest Star Trek movie

-- Ironman

and my favorite?

darn but that's hard... i'll have to pick Avatar (which i blogged about twice some time back) and Ever After. Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale... well, ok, along with Beauty and the Beast

*** now the problem with doing this post last night, before reading other posts, is that those posts reminded me of other movies i like but had forgotten, so to name a couple more...

-- An Affair to Remember

-- North to Alaska

-- McClintock

-- To Catch a Thief


Renae said...

I love your list! I had Man in the Iron Mask on mine as well. You have so many that I haven't seen in a while. I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

Jennee said...

Ever after made my list too! Those are some great movies!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, I knew how hard it would be - that's why I'll be posting a second dozen later this week!

Some great picks. I really dug Avatar but left it off my list as it's still rather new.

lbdiamond said...

The Matrix--definitely a GREAT movie!!

Watery Tart said...

teehee--I could have been adding movies all day too--a number of people remembered movies I love that I forgot to include! Interesting list--I've only seen a few of these, but I love the idea of that dancing one pushing you to try things you wouldn't have had courage to before.

DEZMOND said...

Oh, it's lovely seeing someone mentions "Strictly Ballroom" in these lists :)) I generally always fall for Australian movies (I have MURIEL'S WEDDING over in my DIRTY DOZEN), because they often bring optimistic and positive energy and inspiration, just like STRICTLY BALLROOM does, and plus the main song in the film is the stunning TIME AFTER TIME classic :)

Mary McDonald said...

I love the way you catagorized them. It reminded me about all great movies I've taken my kids to. I think I just thought of a few more favorites to round out my 12.:-)

Michelle Gregory said...

Renae, glad i could give you more movies to watch.

Jennee, thanks.

Alex, now you tell me.

lbdiamond, my husband thinks so.

Watery Tart (love the name), glad i'm not alone. and who would have thought dancing would lead to writing? at least writing doesn't make me dizzy, or not much anyway.

DEZMOND, Aussie movies are a little strange to me, but S.B. is a classic for sure.

Mary, glad i could help.

Jemi Fraser said...

Good list! I enjoy a lot of the same movies, but there are a few of yours I haven't seen.

I'll definitely have to rent Avatar when it comes out - none of my friends or family like fantasy - so none of them would go with me :(

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

YAY! Another Strictly ballroom fan! Whoo-hoo! My most favouriter film EVER. Such a strong story about breaking free from fear and following your heart. GReat list!

Jackee said...

To catch a thief is my favorite too! :o) Along with some others you mentioned... great minds think alike maybe. LOL.

Have a great week, Michelle!