May 31, 2010

what's a blogfest hostess to do?

it's easy to SAY you're going to host a blogfest, but as for actually participating...

well, of course i'm going to participate, but i have a problem. i just hope my writer friends don't hate me for it.

i have A LOT of favorite scenes.

that's the problem with writing novellas for myself. (i used to call them short stories, but they generally end up being 25,000 to 30,000 words, so i can't really call them short stories.)

and why do i write novellas for myself? because my brain gets bored with 2nd drafts and it has to do something new or it won't cooperate with me. also, my novellas are usually less complex than my novels, and i'm writing them for me (not an audience), so they tend to come out of my brain easier because i'm not worried about what anyone will think.

excuse me, i digress. back to the subject at hand.

so i have 7 novellas hanging around on my hard drive, 2 novels in progress, and 1 completed novel that i self-published. i enjoy reading them all.

should i use a scene from the one about the man who comes to earth in the 1800's, chasing a criminal from his home planet? or what about the one where a guy from modern earth ends up on a world where the women own men as slaves? of course, there are the 2 mermaid stories i've written. and there's a chick lit novel that's in its 3rd draft. but there are also 3 about slaves who find freedom.

decisions, decisions, decisions.

i hope you have an easier time deciding than i do. whatever you choose, you can sign up here for my July 1 blogfest: Share Your Darlings


Tessa Conte said...

Ok my dear your 'fest is up on my Blogfests&Contests site!

Donna Hole said...

Decisions, decisions, indeed. I feel that way about every blogfest entry. Sometimes I have my entry all picked out in advance, and when the day comes I may put up something else.

Really; I can't guarantee what I'll put up until I hit "publish post".

Have a good day.