May 28, 2010

journey support

the lovely Christine Danek at Christine's Journey gifted me with the Journey Support award. as she so eloquently states on her blog:

I think we all need support on our crazy writing paths. I never knew how emotional this journey could be and there will only be more emotion. It never ends--I know.

this is so true. writers should never be left to their own devices. i have two such wonderful people in my life who i want to give this to. without them, i never would have made it this far.

i've mentioned Kristal Shaff before. i met Kristal early on in my writing journey, back in 2006 i think. she'd commented on another writer's blog and when i saw Kristal's blog, and her "about me" blurb mentioned that she was trying to write fantasy, i sought her out. now we chat almost every day. she doesn't have a blog anymore, but she does have a website.

without Kristal, i don't think i would have kept going on this crazy writing journey. thank you, Kristal for being my crit partner and my friend.

the other is Christine Hardy of Christine's Cottage and The Writer's Hole. i don't remember exactly when i met Christine, but i think it was through mutual commenting on another blog as well. i believe we were discussing self-publishing. whatever the reason, i'm glad to have Christine in my life. not only has she provided good feedback for me, but we've been able to encourage each other on this crazy writing journey.


Christine Danek said...

Congrats! :) I'm almost finished your book. So excited!

Christine H said...

Thank you so much, Michelle! The feeling is completely mutual.
Without your encouragement and willingness to read my first drafts, I don't think I would still be writing.

Word verification: grace. How appropriate!