April 20, 2010

Tuesday teaser

i usually don't post for Tuesday teaser, but today, i thought, "what the heck?" so without further ado, a teaser for Blackheart.

Stefan was the first to walk down the aisle. He wore a green brocade vest and breeches. Rather than the arrogant boy Tiana had known, Stefan now looked confident – and much older than his twenty-eight years. It seemed that already the cares of being the leader of the clan were wearing on him. Tiana hoped that Marina would be able to ease some of his burden.

A moment later, Marina entered the room and everyone was silent. Tiana's mother had made her a green satin dress to match Stefan’s clothing.

“She is beautiful.”

“Yes,” Tiana said, “she is.”

It wasn’t just an outer beauty. Marina had a lovely heart. Tiana hoped it would be enough. Marina took Stefan’s hand and Jessa began the ceremony.

“Do you, Stefan, son of Morgan, promise to devote your life to this woman?”

“I do.”

“And do you, Marina, daughter of Tristan—”

Whispering began at the back of the room. How could people be so rude as to interrupt? The whispers turned to murmurs. Tiana glanced over her shoulder.

The man was tall. He walked with purpose. His coat was dusty, as if he’d been traveling. He wasn’t dressed for a wedding. The look on his face said he hadn’t expected to walk into the middle of one. He caught her eye. She watched him walk towards her, swallowing down her shock.

Arathor gave her a quick nod and sat next to her, folding his arms across his chest. The whispering continued. Stefan pierced him with a look of annoyance. Jessa just cocked a brow at him and motioned for the crowd to be quiet. The people behind her continued to whisper. Tiana felt the heat moving into her face. She could imagine what they were saying about the two of them.

“Do you, Marina, daughter of Tristan promise to love this man until the end of your days?”

Arathor leaned closer. “When will this be over?”

Tiana gave him her own annoyed look.

“Something strange is happening and I need to speak with Dorinda.”

“I’m trying to listen,” she whispered, more loudly than she’d intended.

“It’s important.”

“So is this.”

“You may now kiss the bride,” Jessa said.

Tiana let out an exasperated breath through her teeth. She’d missed Marina’s vows. Stefan gave Marina a sweet kiss.

“The man has no passion.”

She turned to Arathor. “Enough” she hissed.

He just stared at her, brow creased, looking at her as if she were speaking another language. When had he become so obtuse?

“I now present to you Calafar Stefan and Cala Marina.”

The new couple turned to face the crowd. Tiana had never seen Stefan look so pleased. “I wish to thank all of you for attending our wedding,” he said. “Please join us for the wedding feast.”

Tiana wanted to be one of the first to congratulate them. She moved towards the front of the room, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She turned, ready to tell Arathor to leave her alone.

It was Dorinda.

“This was the only way,” Dorinda said.


Christine H said...

I am definitely intrigued. Why would Brad... I mean, Arathor... be so rude? And what does Dorinda know that Jessa doesn't?

Michelle Gregory said...

hehe. i thought you'd been keeping up. Brad has now been replaced by Adrian.

Donna Hole said...

Way to build a mystery; and leave me hanging for the next chapter.