April 21, 2010

a great kissing scene

if you know me at all, you know i love kissing scenes. they get me into trouble all the time because i try to get my characters to kiss before they're ready, and then i have to re-write the scene a dozen times, and usually only get it right when i let the kiss go for later. sigh.

eventually, the kiss will get put in, and when it does, i'll try to remember this advice from Mary Connealy: "It's in His Kiss." she writes fantastic kissing scenes and always has something humorous in them.


Donna Hole said...

Good scene. I've only wrote a couple of kissing scenes. They don't seem to go well with the content of my novels.

Sex, yes, but not sweetness. Perhaps I'll work on that.


Michelle Gregory said...

i've written more kissing scenes than i can count, but i can't share all of them.