March 15, 2010

around the blogging world

some interesting and thought-provoking posts i've read today...

Shannon at Bookdreaming has a post about a new thesaurus that "provides not only outdated words and their meanings, but also the history of when they came into and fell out of use." maybe something for me to look into since i write medieval fantasy and i can't use phrases like "a jolt of electricity raced through her at his touch" (cheesy, i know, but it's all i could think of).

Jen at Sagewood Manor is talking about the Art of Slow. it made me want to go find a cottage to live in.

Christine at the Writer's Hole is participating in the PG Sex Scene Blogfest. she has a great take on sex scenes in general. i think you'll like her entry.

Laurel at Laurel's Leaves has a post that defines various types of microfiction. i had no idea there was such a thing as Twitter Fiction, but it shouldn't suprise me. just don't ask me to write a fiction piece that's 140 characters. i don't think i could even write one that's 140 WORDS.

and finally, Janna at Something She Wrote has joined an Army of Erma's. you'll have to see what she means.


Jen Chandler said...

Hi Michelle! I'm so glad you enjoyed my post today. It is something that has been on my heart for a very long time and I'm just now figuring out how to balance it into my life now.

Thanks for putting a little blurb about my little post :) Finding this brought a smile to my face :)

Happy Monday! I'm off to check out some of the other links you posted.


Jen said...

I should really share other's blogs on my blogs... I think it's such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

Christine H said...

Oh, gee, thank you so much for promoting my sex scene. (turning beet red)

Michelle Gregory said...

Christine, i understand, but it's a good scene and you're a talented writer. it was nice to read something different of yours.