February 23, 2010

teaser Tuesday - prologue to Blackheart

i didn't even know there was such a thing until today. writers posting parts of their works in progress. i've been toying with doing the same for a while. now i'm thinking, "what the heck?"

i would say, "here, for the first time, my prologue from my sequel Blackheart," but then i posted a prologue once before. this is the newest version (and yes, i know there are debates over prologues and whether editors will want them, but i don't write for an editor and so i'll put it in. ha!)

so here, for the second time, the prologue from Blackheart (which may change again...) ---

I carry a terrible secret.

For more years than I can remember, I have held a sacred trust. I swore I would tell no one. My friends and family do not know. My countrymen do not know. The kings have never known. Secrecy is vital to keeping us safe. Only a chosen few know the truth.

In my dreams I have seen the results of our deception. I am torn in my obligations. I am not allowed to interfere. If I divulge this secret to anyone, I will be cast out to walk alone.

If I do not reveal the truth, we will be thrust into the dark times again. The people I love the most will be destroyed. I must find a way to tell what I know. I must pass on my knowledge to one who will find the truth and keep us safe.

Please forgive me.


roxy said...

I loved this, Michelle. Great excerpt! Very ominous and foreboding. Thanks for posting it.

Christine Danek said...

Great teaser! I'm intrigued:)