February 16, 2010

reviews for Eldala

i was having an "i'm not sure if i can really write" moment and decided to post some reviews of Eldala to make myself feel better.

Lauryn Abbott of Seed Thoughts reviews books all the time, so i loved reading what she had to say back in August, 2009:

Eldala is categorized as a young adult, fantasy novel. And it is good! Seriously, I couldn’t put it down! I was completely drawn into the characters and swept away by the story. It is completely captivating, romantic, thrilling and magical. The story moves quickly and contains intrigue, evil, destiny, friendship and love. Michelle skillfully weaves the beauty of goodness and love with the despair of evil into a tapestry of hope and renewal.

Nikole Hahn, who also reviews books on a regular basis, was kind enough to say:

Eldala begins with King Arathor carrying his son to his Smithy. Kieran a.k.a. Aiden is the heir to the throne. He is also a very important piece to unraveling the curse of an evil queen. All ready the story has my attention. An evil queen, a son spirited away for his own safety and true love. It is the right ingredient for the perfect story. The question is will he find his Eldala? Will he choose his destiny or choose to hide as the son of a Smithy? Will he think of his people instead of his own wants and needs? Don't look at me! I'm not going to tell.

and then reader Diane P. said:

From the first pages of the prologue, on into the depths of the captivating tale, Eldala delivers. Gregory writes with a fresh style yet masterfully weaves a tapastry filled with adventure, romance and meaning. Magical in its setting, readers of all ages who enjoy Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter will delight in Eldala's every twist and turn. Buy it and enjoy!

maybe i do know how to write.

if you'd like to be entered in a drawing for Eldala, leave a comment under my giveaway post: time to saddle up and give away a book. and since i can always use more promotion, if you mention the giveway on your blog, you'll get another entry.


Nisa said...

Very lovely reviews. I'm glad you have them to help you remember your talents!

Sombra said...

I was JUST THERE moments ago reading those reviews, Myles wants to send Eldala to a friend for her birthday!!