February 6, 2010

lest you think i've disappeared from blogging land...

i just wanted to say, no, i haven't, but i was feeling a bit off for the last few days, so there was no way i was going to write a blog post... but i did spend a lot of time reading other people's blog posts. now it's 5:45 AM here and rather than sleeping, i thought i'd blog, randomly of course.

** can you tell i get easily bored with my blog headers? i love my new one. i took this picture at a local zoo a few years ago. i think he's gorgeous.

** i'm working on that blog post for my book giveaway and realized that the new header will fit perfectly with what i have to say. God *does* have a sense of humor (after all, he asked me to be a writer and i hate drawing attention to myself).

** i'm going crazy reading all kinds of writing blogs. almost all of the writing bloggers want to be published. i don't. i feel like odd writer out, but i'm ok with that.

** the other day i got an email from an assistant producer for some women's show on Lifetime tv that i'd never heard of. he wanted to contact me about my book because he thought that maybe it would have something interesting in it for his viewers, but when he finally called me, he didn't know anything about my novel. weird. i forgot to ask him how he found me.

when he found out it was a YA fantasy novel, he didn't sound interested in it at all. when my kids heard that he wasn't interested, one of them said, "He wouldn't know a good story if it bit him." i love my kids.

(and i just realized after i posted this, that if he comes here and reads this blog post, he *really* won't want to use my book because now i've insulted him.)

** i'm being way too indecisive about how to give away my book. i need to just make a decision.

** i have 33 followers and i've had over 600 hits on my visit counter. makes me feel like i need to be more responsible about blog posts, and then i think, "nah, i'll just keep blogging like i always have, randomly, because they're reading my blog now and they're ok with me not being responsible."

** i think it's time to go back to bed and see if i can get more sleep.


Jen said...

I love reading your blog! Wow someone from lifetime called and new nothing about your book? I would have wondered how they found out about it then! Your kids are sweet though!!

I say keep blogging like your blogging! I love to read them, and you don't want to loose your personality for other people! You're great!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Michelle, I feel a kindred spirit in you. Randomness is in my nature ;) I love that new header, by the way. It's absolutely gorgeous. In Funchal, Madeira (Portugal), I saw a pristine, white peacock. It was stunning just to look at it. And then it started making this piercing noise that scared the tar out of my little one. Oh my word, I had to run to get away from it because my baby started screaming her head off, she was so frightened.

Hmm, I suppose that was a little random of me.

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Hi Michelle, so glad you stopped by my blog because it led me to yours :) I am so random, right there with ya! I'm impressed that you are self-published. I know plenty of writers who want to be published, but wouldn't have the guts to do it themselves and try to market it themselves as well (myself included). That's a whole different talent! More power to you! So cool that you are going to do a giveaway of your book! I'll be watching for your contest! :)


Michelle Gregory said...

Jen, thanks.

Carol, nice to find other random people. how can peacocks be so beautiful and have such awful voices?

Lindsey, sometimes i think i'm absolutely nuts for self-publishing, but i could say that about a lot of things in my life... like writing.

Donetta said...

Hope you got to have a good nap.
Love the header he is so beautiful

Christine H said...

I love the peacock, Michelle! It fits so well with your blog colors, too.